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VOORHEES TOWNSHIP — The South Jersey Small Business Expo No. 4 will set for Thursday, Feb. 9 at the Original Hot Dog Factory, 910 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd Suite No. 3, hosted by owner Lashaun Drew and co-hosted by DEON, Diversity and Equal Opportunity Network.

The once every two months event is hosted by AC JosepH Media and Bully Pest Management and owner Wade Loatman. The event was created to give small business owners a regular avenue to network, talk about their businesses and spread the word about what they do.

Supporters of small business are encouraged to attend and uplift these businesses that are serving their communities. The first three Small Business Expos were held in Millville and this is the first event outside of Cumberland County.

Organizers said so far six vendors have signed up — Anointed Ads (Philip Stward), Angie At Your Service (Angela Morrison), Kenney Protection Services, Primerica (Emily Cannon) Jersey Girl Promos and Evesham Youth Advisory Council. Organizers said that number could grow as the event approaches.

The Original Hot Dog Factory said the full menu will be open for attendees of the event for free up to a certain amount. The event has been an ideal venue for networking and making new contacts for businesses.

Many of those attending the December SBX 3 included:

  • Abundant Crafts LLC,
  • Antonio Alicea, NJAA
  • J.T. Burks, Positive Vibes
  • Dyron J. Corley, 609-501-3592,
  • Lashawn Drew, Original Hot Dog Factory,
  • Stephanie DeRose, Millville Public Schools,
  • Kai Falih, 609-7275880
  • Pastor Ralph Graves, Cornerstone Community Church,
  • Tenisha Leair, DeVine Juices, 267-588-1426
  • Wade Loatman, Bully Pest Management,
  • Rann Miller,
  • Wallies Smoothies,
  • Michael Morton,
  • Dawn Salaam, 609-233-5947

There are some who we did not receive business cards from.

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