Selina Gray, (R) and her daughter at Dots Dogs greet visitors at Melanin Market iin Willingboro on Saturday, March 25. Photo by Meredith Winner/Mer-Made Photography.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

WILLINGBOROSelina Gray said now is the time for her to do what she’s always wanted to do instead of doing what others wanted her to do.

It was taking a big leap of faith and the memory of her mother made her start Dots Dogs and Catering. Now, one year in, Gray said she has found the experience of being a small business owner rewarding and would like for others to do the same.

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With a food truck now coming in the near future, Gray said she is looking forward to expanding her business and encouraging her own children and nieces as well.

Gray shared her enthusiasm of being a small business owner and sharing it with her family at the Melanin Market last month at the John F. Kennedy Center in Willingboro with about 100 other business owners.

Here is what she told Front Runner New about her story.

The Selina Gray File

Name: Selina Gray

Name of Business: Dots Dogs and Catering, LLC

Address: Willingboro

Years in business: 1 year

Specialize in: Cooking and selling hot dogs and other carnival food

Contact info: 609-699-2821

5 Questions

1. FRNJ: What made you become a business owner?

Selina Gray: I got started because I was home part-time, and I needed something else to do. I’m older and I have worked all of my life for other people. I decided at this point in my life, it was time to do something for me.

Selina Gray poses with family members at Dots Dogs and Catering. Photo by Meredith Winner, Mer-Made Photography.

2. FRNJ: Why did you select your current field?

Selina Gray: My mom liked to cook. I wanted to do this business in honor of my mom. She passed away 10 years ago and cooking always made me think of her and what she enjoyed doing. We live near the beach, and I always like boardwalk, and carnival food.

3. FRNJ: What do you enjoy the most about being a business owner?

Selina Gray: I enjoy seeing the kids smile when I get to make them something, talking to people and networking with other business owners. It’s enjoyable and pretty rewarding.

4. FRNJ: How important is it for you to have positive Black role models in business?

Selina Gray: It’s very important because we don’t have that many role models. I know we didn’t have any getting into this. I think that a role model would have been encouraging. I don’t want to waste any time getting my business going.

5. FRNJ: Anything else would you like to add?

Selina Gray: I wish that more people would step out on faith and do what they love to do. Instead of working for other people forever, just go out and do what you want to do. I’m doing what I want to do now and it’s very rewarding.

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