Fitness Coach Marcus Eaddy Releases Children’s Book ‘The Jack Squad’


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LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP — New Jersey fitness coach and author Marcus Eaddy has released his first children’s book series, “The Jack Squad,” which aims to help parents and young children adopt health and wellness habits for a better lifestyle.

The first book of the comic-style illustrated and written children’s series introduces JackMan, a fitness superhero, who joins a family’s effort to encourage their young child to participate in healthy living with the Jack Squad. The creative storytelling in this book for families with children ages 3–7 will appeal to both adults and youngsters.

With increased health issues linked to a lack of daily exercise, Eaddy recognized the importance of educating children about instilling simple fitness routines and healthier food choices at an early age in a child’s development.

“I am so excited and proud of The Jack Squad series to help enrich the lives of children through health and fitness,” Eaddy said. “So many kids start with little basic knowledge about the attributes of exercising every day and the importance of nutrition. Parents are always actively involved in those early stages. What better way for JackMan to be a part of that “fit fun” through this book.”

The Jack Squad series will explore themes of health, wellness, nutrition, surrendering, heart-opening, mental clarity, empowering, self-care, grounding, joy/celebration, and self-exploration, fostering healthy futures for everyone. The author of the new book expresses the hope that readers would be inspired to have fun and to get families moving when they read it.

“With a superhero and community of characters written to keep them engaged, I hope that children get active and explore the different styles of fitness, dance, meditation, healthy eating, and nutrition,” said Eaddy.

The Jack Squad is available for sale on Amazon in paperback, retailing for $15.00. For additional information on The Jack Squad, please visit For media inquiries, please contact

Marcus Eaddy, also known as Eddy Jacks, is a fitness coach and co-owner of the NonStop Fitness Center in Lawrence Township, New Jersey. In 2012 Marcus was awarded the Tre Devon Lane Foundation and the Trailblazer Community Service Award for his dedication to the community’s health and well-being. Marcus is a 2012 Delaware State University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science.

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