Melanie Collette Ready for Challenge in Cape May Commissioners Campaign


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By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

MIDDLE TOWNSHIPMelanie Collette has a chance to make history in Cape May County and she is looking forward to shattering ceiling and stereotypes in the process.

A talk show host and one of the most prominent African Americans in the Republican Party in Cape May County, was nominated by the local GOP for a seat on the Cape May Board of Commissioners. If elected, she would become the first Black to win a countywide seat.

She pointed to Assemblyman Antwan McClellan, who represents Cape May County as the only Black Republican serving in the New Jersey Legislature, as well as other local GOP standouts for helping pave the way.

“I’m fired up to shatter long-standing stereotypes and show that being a member of the GOP means more than what mainstream media often tells us — and let these same misconceptions get melted away along the way,” Collette told Front Runner New Jersey.

“It’s an incredible privilege to get the chance to run alongside some amazing public servants like Senator [Mike] Testa, Assemblyman McClellan, Assemblyman [Erik] Simonsen, Commissioner [E. Marie] Hayes, and Commissioner [Will] Morey — who are excellent leaders in their own right and are deeply connected with our community! Should we make history on election day, it will be important progress toward representation that more closely reflects the demographics in our community.”

Collette is a business technology expert, entrepreneur, and political commentator with extensive corporate operations and organizational management experience. On her weekly radio show, Money Talk with Melanie, she interviews industry experts and guides listeners through informative discussions on global and domestic affairs, the economy, fiscal policy, and politics.

She also has a national platform, appearing weekly on the Newsmax television show “American Agenda” to provide analysis on financial and political topics. Collette said in the coming months ahead of the primary and general elections she wanted to touch on several themes.

“A few key themes — maintaining Cape May County’s iconic quality of life, and safeguarding our cherished conservative ideals, while actively listening to voters for potential improvements,” she said. “The underpinning of these themes is smaller government, lower taxes, and receiving more of what we put in back from Trenton through our tourism dollars.”

Collette said she is up to the “daunting” challenge of having people in the community look up to her and that she is ready for that responsibility.

“Though it’s daunting knowing people look up to me as an example of success in the GOP, my hope is my candidacy empowers those who share my conservative beliefs, so they no longer fear jumping into politics and being their true selves,” Collette said.

“It’s time we break through the fear-based rhetoric which keeps us from getting involved. I’m aiming to be the best representation of how God would have me show up — not only for myself but also as an example that minority women can succeed in GOP circles.”

When asked what she wanted voters to know about her, Collette said she is determined to go the extra mile for them.

“Two things I want voters to know about me are that I approach my work with authenticity and tenacity and should I be elected, will be a dogged champion of their interests without compromising core conservative values.”

Collette recently served as vice-chair of Cape May County and former vice-chair of the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women. She is an active member of Project 21 at The National Center for Public Policy Research. She also holds a master’s in public administration from Marist College.

“We are at a critical time in our country and in Cape May County. I believe all citizens should take this opportunity to examine their options and support those who are committed to leadership based on sound policy initiatives — like myself as Cape May County Commissioner along with Republican incumbents up for reelection in November.”

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