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By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

PRINCETON — Sustainability and clean energy are more critical than ever during this time of climate and global warming.

Michael Wakatama says within that framework, there is an opportunity to educate the public about the importance of solar energy, education and fundraising with his business Project Sun’d’raising.

Wakatama has experience in the real estate field and the corporate world before taking on his latest venture. Below, Wakatama talks about his business people.

The Michael Wakatama File

Name: Michael Wakatama

Name of Business: “Project Sun’d’raising”

Address: 2107 Goldfinch Blvd., Princeton NJ 08540

Years in business: NEW

Specialize in: SOLAR and fundraising 

Contact info:;

5 Questions

1. FRNJ: What made you become a business owner?

Michael Wakatama: I’ve spent a lot of time in a corporate environment and also as a real estate agent. While corporate was exciting at times, I didn’t feel good about the shenanigans at some places, so I went into real estate. As a real estate agent, I was now the owner of my business. Exciting at first until 2008 came along. To date, I am excited about my new business venture in solar.

2. FRNJ: Why did you select your current field?

Michael Wakatama: I was introduced to solar in 2011. It wasn’t the right time for me as a single parent to a very small child to spend most nights. But now, the programs are tremendous and educating people on clean energy is exciting to me.

3. FRNJ: What do you enjoy the most about being a business owner?

Michael Wakatama: Being a business owner is not easy. I enjoy the ability to have my personal priorities around my business and putting in the groundwork for “my” business to grow.

4. FRNJ: How important is it for you to have positive minority role models in business?

Michael Wakatama: It’s important that role models from all backgrounds to share the knowledge and growth from business. I will be teaching young children about clean energy and how they can have a direct impact in this area.

5. FRNJ: Anything else would you like to add?

Michael Wakatama: I am looking to support local nonprofits that focus on the enrichment of children in the areas of STEM, Language and Youth Sports!

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