Moniqua Byers of Bunny Whipp, LLC.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIPMoniqua Byers is passionate about creating natural products for the skin and body and walking away from chemicals.

Her Bunny Whipp products are designed to share her passion for healthy and earthly products. She told Front Runner New Jersey last month that she believes Bunny Whipp is “a game changer” in how people take of their bodies.

She happily engaged participants at the first Fourth Fridays Family Picnic event at Captain Buck Park in Millville, with her mother helping her at Bunny Whipp’s both. While she has only been in business briefly, she said she has big plans for naturally-made items.

Here is Byers in her own words.

The Moniqua Byers File

Name: Moniqua Byers

Company Name: Bunny Whipp LLC

Address: Business Virtual Address, 2600 Tilton Rd Unit #5047, Egg Harbor Township; Other Location: Vineland

Years in business: 3 months

Specialize in: Handcrafted all-natural skincare products.

Contact info: Email, Business, (856) 982-9274

5 Questions

1. FRNJ: What made you decide to become a business owner?

Moniqua Byers: Independence is very important to me. When you have a business, you set the rules and the flexibility of deciding your own hours is a perk. Fueling my passion and creativity through my own brand and natural products is what brings me joy.

2. FRNJ: Why did you decide on your particular business?

Moniqua Byers: I feel there is an untold truth about skin care products in this modern day of time. Most products are over hyped and primarily targeting our wallets. The idea I have of bringing a product with natural ingredients that is well worth the value to the marketplace is very exciting and personally I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this upcoming product.

3. FRNJ: What’s the best part of being a business owner?

Moniqua Byers: Being able to work in a field I really enjoy and provide the type of value I know the marketplace deserves. The personal satisfaction from implementing my ideas, working directly with customers and watching by business succeed is what I enjoy most.

4. FRNJ: How important is it to have African American role models in small business?

Moniqua Byers: Very important. I believe having a role model not only in business but in all aspects of life is important. Learning from someone that will show you the aspirations for success are achievable, is highly vital when approaching the business marketplace.

5. FRNJ: Anything else you would like to add?

Moniqua Byers: We have a natural ingredient, multi well fragrance, long lasting and non-greasy product that will have you looking for the next jar Instantly. We are Jerseys No. 1 proud family oriented business that’s soon hitting the local stores near you. Support is greatly appreciated and remembered. I am Moniqua Byers in representation of my Business Bunny Whipp LLC. Now let’s go out and give the people what they need.

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