DCA Acting Commissioner Jacquelyn Suarez Headlines First NJ Ethnic & Community Media Expo



TRENTONActing New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Jacquelyn Suarez was the keynote speaker at the inaugural NJ Ethnic and Community Media Expo held at The College of New Jersey on Thursday, April 4.

The first-ever NJ Ethnic and Community Media Expo united and showcased the state’s ethnic and community news outlets and journalists to lawmakers, advertising agencies, academics, marketing, and communications groups.

Acting Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Jacquelyn Suarez speaks at the Ethnic and Community Media Expo.

Suarez, who replaced the late Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver in the role of commissioner after her passing last year, talked about the various activities the department is involved in and her interest in working with ethnic and community media outlets.

Assemblywoman Tennille R. McCoy also spoke at the event and presented a proclamation to the Center for Cooperative Media. Stefanie Murray, the director of the center, accepted the award along with associate directors Cassandra Etienne and Joe Amditis, Denise Shannon, department administrator and Oni Advincula, ethnic and community media coordinator.

Assemblywoman Tennille McCoy speaks at the Ethnic and Community Media Expo.

After the event, visitors were able to engage with editors and other leaders of ethnic media outlets in their exhibit spaces. New Jersey is home to at least 140 ethnic and community media organizations.

Front Runner New Jersey.com, with Correspondent Daniel Winner; Atlantic City Focus, headed by Mark Tyler; and Stories of Atlantic City, led by Stockton University’s Toby Rosenthal, all attended the event.

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This includes 94 daily and weekly newspapers and periodicals, 35 radio stations, and 11 television channels, reflecting New Jersey as one of the most culturally vibrant and ethnically, racially, and linguistically diverse states in the country.

These media organizations cover stories about African, African American, Asian, European, Latino, and Middle Eastern communities, and other stories that affect or interest the myriad diaspora communities in the state. They reach people that mainstream media does not.

Chris Daggett, chair of the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium, attended the event along with NJCIC program director Ayinde Merrill.

From left to right:
Tennille McCoy, Oni Advincula, Jacquelyn Suarez, and Cassandra Etienne.

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