SJ Small Business Expo Shares Stories of Second Chances, Successes


By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

MILLVILLE — More than a dozen small business owners gathered at Soul of the Sea Restaurant Thursday (Oct. 6) for the second South Jersey Small Business Expo in an effort to bring together startups, mom-and-pop shops, minority entrepreneurs and others in a spirit of networking and solidarity.

The first event was held in August at Soul of the Sea. The founder of the idea, Wade Loatman, of the Bully Pest Management, spearheaded the second event on Thursday in what organizers plan on being a reoccurring effort to give these businesses an avenue to connect with like-minded business owners and people in the public who support them.

Joining the crowd on Thursday was Bridgeton business owner and influential community activist Richard Todd Edwards and prominent nonprofit leader John Fuqua, of Life Worth Living. Some business owners, like Leonard Singleton, of Clear Solutions, and Corey Glenn, of Desired Version Detailing, talked about how second chances lifted them to difficult circumstances to business success.

Marisol Sheppard, of Our Family Creations, talked about attending the first South Jersey Small Business Expo and how she looked forward to making new connections on Thursday.

Soul of the Sea owner Sam Fowler and his son Quamer Fowler also talked about their business while serving participants with delicious ribs, fried fish and chicken, green beans, mac and cheese and rice dressing. The meal was provided free courtesy of Bully Pest Management.

Other business owners attending the Expo included:

  • Ashley Feliciano, of Revilo Opus
  • Monique Moore, of Inkspot Mobile Notary Services
  • Dayron Jenkins and Toviaus Wilson, of Kingsmen
  • Lamont Jones, of Lamont’s Landscaping
  • Christopher Burch
  • Lakea Nicholson, of KW Real Estate
  • Charese Robinson, of KW Real Estate

Floating Design provided balloon towers for the event. Organizers said they will consider hosting the next Expo either in December or January. Below are some of the photos and business cards from people attending the event.

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